Thursday, October 27, 2011

Distract Her With Kisses

It was time for a morning snack. In her little toddler voice, Elizabeth said "no! no!" to yogurt and happily nodded "yes!" to eggs. Matthew was at school. She had me all to herself.

I got out the pan and started to take a few steps to the refrigerator to get the eggs. Elizabeth started whining and clinging to one of my legs. She wanted me to sit and play with her - immediately!

I scanned the area quickly, looking for a toy. There were none nearby. Aha! The old valentine chocolate sitting on our kitchen counter finally had a purpose.

I showed her how to sort by color, count, and pour. She discovered peeling the foil off all on her own.

Cooking the eggs turned out to be a peaceful, non-screaming few minutes. The Hershey kisses had her undivided attention. Even the cat thought it was entertaining.

If only it were this easy to distract her all the time... Maybe I should keep Hershey kisses as a handy distraction when I need to buy myself a little time. But that would be expensive and too much chocolate for me to eat. Real kisses are better - zero calories and priceless!


Rochelle said...

Ahh, the art of distraction. I guess if the kisses don't help you could always indulge in a handful and that might make the whining more tolerable. Lol

Jepthe P. Subagan said...

Hahaha! that's very clever! i can see that she's not even paying attention to the opened chocolates. :)