Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Matthew's Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party

A person's a person no matter how small. - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss' books have become some of Matthew's favorites. His current favorite is "Green Eggs and Ham". He begs to listen to the audiobook almost everyday and he requests that it be read at naptime and bedtime everyday. He giggles and snickers as I read the story.

I think it's pretty funny too because when I read it, I feel like I am reading about Matthew exactly one year ago. He would not eat anything new or unfamiliar. Sometimes, he even rejected and refused to eat familiar and favorite food. He was on 3rd stage jarred baby food. He would NOT touch a pizza, burger, spaghetti, cake, and other food. It was only a few months after he turned 3, after he went to preschool where they helped me with "food therapy", and after we did more specific oral-motor exercises with him that he began to accept more food textures, tastes, and presentations.

He's still picky and suspicious about new food these days but he's not outrightly rejecting food or seemingly fearful of eating. These days he eats a wide variety of food including raisins, loves burgers, pickles, sweet potato fries, spaghetti, ice cream, and even leafy green salads with ranch dressing.

Hence, Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham was the perfect party theme to celebrate his 4th birthday, which was earlier this month. Balloons were blue and yellow, which are the colors for Down syndrome awareness.

We had a pull-string pinata. All the kids had a turn pulling a string to release all the little toys in the pinata until all the strings were gone. The pinata had to be torn open, but only after all the bigger kids got a chance at using karate chops and kicks on it.

I do so like green eggs and ham! Thank you! Thank you, Sam-I-Am! - Dr. Seuess


Jennie said...

I do so wish Micah would grab onto the message of Green Eggs and Ham too. Funny, though... we have to read that book every.single.night. LOL
I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a Dr. Seuss party in January. :-)