Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Pictures on Lids of Baby Food Jars

I saved some lids of the jarred baby food Matthew used to eat. Then I cut small pictures from magazines and glued them on the inside of each lid. We've successfully used them for several activities.

Activity Ideas
"Look for something... (descriptive)" is one game we have played. We'll have all the picture lids facing up and look for something yellow or round or shiny and so on. As a learning activity, not a testing activity, if I find something first, I'll pick it up, show it to the kids, and say, "This banana is yellow." Elizabeth is usually the first echo in the room saying, "banana yellow." (Yes, she's very verbal and articulate).

Matthew doesn't process complex "wh" (what, who, where) questions yet, except he knows some simple, straight-forward ones through rote learning. If I were to read a short story to him and ask him what, who, and where questions in relation to the story, he would not know how to answer them. But if I showed him some picture lids and asked him, "What do we drive?" then he'll pick up the lid with a car. "What can we eat?" then he'll pick up the lid with green beans or other food instead of one with a telephone.

To help improve auditory processing and short-term working memory, I ask Matthew for 3 or 4 pictures out of 4 to 6 picture lids laid out face up in front of him. And I require him to give me the pictures in the same order that I had requested verbally. Ideally, he should do it without any prompting or repetition of the request. When he can't seem to remember or he gets the order mixed up, I guide him hand over hand. Matthew can usually get a sequence of 3 correctly.

Elizabeth likes to look at the pictures, verbally label the ones she knows, and drop them into the can with the slotted lid.

iPhone Apps
For the tech-savvy like Matthew, iPhone apps that are structured like the activity I described above include:
"ABA Receptive Identification by Class" created by Kindergarten.com
"ABA Receptive Identification - FFC Combined" created by Kindergarten.com
"ABA Receptive Identification by Function" created by Kindergarten.com
"ABA Receptive Identification by Feature" created by Kindergarten.com
"ABA Receptive Identification" created by Kindergarten.com


Rochelle said...

Great ideas as always! Thanks

Tracey said...

Wow, thanks for this list! We were just granted a free iPad for our son and didn't start working w/it yet. This will help! :-)

Tracey said...

Oops, I just saw the list is for the iPhone, not iPad. Do you have any for the iPad? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you don't have baby food lids. The metal lids from frozen juice cans work well also.

Twilson9608 said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just ran across it from IDSC and WOW! You have so many great ideas and i love the pictures! Cant wait to catch up and continue seeing your new stuff!