Thursday, January 26, 2012

He Really Loves to Dance

He walks on over to the iPod stereo and pushes the "on" button. The radio station is preset to one of the local ones with few commercials and generally (relatively) better music (no explicit versions). Whatever is on, it's usually music with a good dancing beat and Matthew is rockin' it! Matthew LOVES dancing and it seems like he'll dance for as long as I let him.

Almost all literature I've read about individuals with Down syndrome include "love for music". Maybe it's true for all, maybe just the majority - I don't know. But I definitely think it's in his genes because I love dancing too (and so does Elizabeth).

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Angel said...

So cute! :) Love his moves. :)

Jess said...

Very cute video!

Dancing is one of my daughter's most favorite things to do. When she's in a dance class she is actually usually one of the most well behaved children - and this is pretty rare!

I wonder if dancing comes so naturally for kids w DS because they are free to express themselves in that way when we, on the other hand, worry about what people may think of us. This is definitely something I am in the process of learning with my daughter.

Monica Bremer said...

Oh, he probably got that talent from both of you! The video is cute. You should compile more videos of him dancing… You can show the compilation on his birthday or a special event. :D