Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation 2011

Matthew graduated from his first year of preschool. He confidently walked up to his teacher when he was called, stopping halfway to soak in the applause and clapped along with the parents and grandparents who were there, making everyone laugh and smile and applaud even more. That's Matthew - my little guy who applauds himself and others for any job well done.

He received his preschool diploma. Who would've guessed that my confident little guy had a tearful first two weeks of preschool in November? On his mini-graduation day, he performed right alongside his classmates, moving to the music without missing a beat. They performed to the songs:
- Drive My Car by Laurie Berkner Band;
- We Are the Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner Band;
- Animal Action by Steve & Greg;
- 5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Steve & Greg;
- The Freeze by Steve & Greg.

He may have pouted in the very beginning when he was overwhelmed with the classroom full of unfamiliar grown-ups but he perfectly fine after the first song. After that, he just had fun dancing and being himself, doing what they had practiced for several days. Everyone was SO cute and they all did a wonderful job - teachers AND preschoolers.

One of his new favorite songs is "Drive My Car" by Laurie Berkner Band. I downloaded the song on my laptop and since Bill wasn't able to attend the graduation, Matthew showed off his dance moves at home as soon as he heard it playing on my laptop. And we played it again and again and again...and again, until he got tired.

The song is still playing in my head. He is sleeping now and I have a smile plastered on my face as I replay his graduation in my mind. He actually has pretty good sense of rhythm. I foresee music lessons in his future. Also many months of practicing jumping and improving tone, balance, and strength has resulted in lift-off when he jumps! That in itself deserves a big round of applause!

He'll be starting preschool summer class in the first week of June. And he starts his second year of preschool in August. I was sad that this was the last day that he would see some of his classmates as they move on to kindergarten. But as sociable as he is, I'm sure he'll be high-fivin' and offering hugs to new friends in the coming schoolyear.


Brandie said...

Yay Matthew! I <3 Drive My Car. my kids are sick of hearing it!

Launa said...

So cute!! I don't usually watch videos but I was glued to your sweet boy the whole time. He did great!!!

Angel said...

Cute!! Reminded me of my own son's preschool graduation this year. Although, he doesn't yet have the standing/jumping skills your son has, he had the same smile as he did the actions right along with his class. :) Congrats Matthew!

Ilisa Ailts said...

So cute! Exciting!