Saturday, April 16, 2011

TalkTools Straw #2

We used straw #2 of the TalkTools Straw Hierarchy kit from the beginning of March to mid-April this year. Straw #2 is a curvy purple straw. I've seen this straw at Target in the party supply section and at a local party supply shop. So if we lost this straw or it broke, then it would be easy enough to replace.

The lip block on the straw is very effective at keeping just 1/4-inch of straw for Matthew to practice a proper lip seal around the straw instead of wrapping his tongue around it and suckling. Two lip blocks came with the TalkTools straw kit but I think they can also be bought individually from TalkTools or possibly from other online stores that sell therapy supplies for oral-motor activities.

Between this straw made of a harder plastic than straw #1 and the lip block, (and better supervision from me) Matthew had no opportunity to chew on this straw like he did with straw #1.

Either the take 'n toss cup with a straw lid or the sip tip cup generally seems to work. There is little risk of a little spill through the hole in the lid if the cup is tipped at an extreme angle since the straw is loose-fitting through the lid. It's usually not an issue though since I hold the cup and straw for Matthew.

The drink of choice: Motts for Tots apple juice. He prefers not to drink water or milk with this straw.

Here's a short video of Matthew using straw #2.

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Launa said...

He is adorably cute!!! I think the straws are great.... what a good tool!

Brandie said...

Is it ok to have straw drinking envy? ;)

He is doing a fabulous job!!