Wednesday, April 13, 2011


At a seminar I attended, the speaker briefly talked about an activity to somewhat simulate how kids with Down syndrome have a hard time learning. The (typical) kids wore socks on their hands, had cotton in their ears, and a big marshmallow in their mouths. Then they were given instructions to follow. Not able to hear very well, it was hard to follow instructions. Not able to move their tongue very well, It was hard to talk. Not able to feel what they were touching very well, it was hard to manipulate objects such as scissors to cut paper or a pen to write.

It's not impossible. It just takes more effort.

So when Matthew comes home from school with some of his works of art, I save the exceptional ones that say:
"I did it!"
"I'm having fun"
"I'm learning!"

Matthewangelo's Gallery
Here is my little avant-garde's impression of lines.
(He has become more consistent at imitating horizontal and vertical lines. His occupational therapist drew the 4 lines on the left side of the paper.)

A circle.
(He did an awesome job drawing a circle yesterday, copying his teacher's example. He drew the big circle in the middle of the paper.)

Cutting along a thick line with minimal assistance using a spring-loaded preschool scissors.
scissor work

Woolly sheep.

Finger painting.
finger painting

Stickers on a dino.


Katie said...

That is a very interesting idea to share with young learners, and I love your collection of art work!

heidi marie said...

one of my favorite things about henry's school is that he brings me home artwork everyday!