Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TalkTools Horn Kit

TalkTools Horn KitThe TalkTools horns kit is used by some speech therapists to help improve oral-motor tone and target skills such as lip rounding, lip closure and tongue retraction. The kit we have includes a set of 12 horns rated according to difficulty level. Each horn works on specific speech sounds and even drooling control.

We are on horn #3 and I started this program with Matthew when he was 30 months old. But it hasn't been easy keeping up with this. Sometimes Matthew just isn't in the mood for the horn so we skip it. He's more interested in blowing bubbles so I go with what motivates him more. For now, we're stuck on horn #3 (the orange horn in the above picture). At this point, it's hard to say if this has really helped with lip closure and tongue retraction or if the other activities we do help more.

Do you have the Talktools horn kit? What do you think? Has it helped or not?

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Cathy said...

According to our EI service coordinator, ours was shipped the beginning of October. However...I never got it. Lily's ST does try to get Lily to work with it and the clinic. So far the only noise that Lily makes is a hum...trying to fake us I'm hoping that when we get it, I can spend more time working with Lily.

I'll be curious to read what success others have had with it.

Looking Up said...

My son Josh is 22 months old & we are just now contemplating ordering this. Not sure that my son is quite ready for it, but hopefully he will be soon.

To Love Endlessly said...

we don't have the Talk Tools kit, but we do have a variety of horns. Marissa never really seems too interested in playing with the horns though other than noisemakers like kazoos and such.

Rochelle said...

We don't have the talk tools kit either but, have several different whistles, horns, party blowers etc that Alayna practices on.
Alayna is in the same boat as Matthew sometimes she is interested and makes them sound several times other times she could care less...

Tina said...

WE have the horn kit but I still haven't managed to teach Saira to blow :( I also got the pre heirachy horn which is supposed to teach them to blow but I found that one even harder than some of them on the actual heirachy. Saira is doing the straw therapy right now and I feel that is helping with tongue retraction. Blowing bibbles is also something she still has to learn. How did you did Matthew to blow bubbles?