Sunday, October 3, 2010

Matthew's 3rd Birthday Party Photos

Our little boy turns 3 on October 5. We had a big party today. Many thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us and making it such a fun day!
the birthday boy
big cousin Babas & Auntie Kis
little sister and Grandma
greeting everyone
Matthew and his fans
Elizabeth with Uncle G
wanting to go downstairs
having a drink with Grandpa
Matthew with Auntie
birthday cake with whipped cream frosting
lit candle
party people
with Daddy and cousin
Rheva, Nice & Landon
Marlin and Joy
opening presents
Matthew and Auntie L


Looking Up said...

Happy Birthday to Matthew!!! Love the last pic the most. He looks like one happy birthday boy! :)

Pallavi said...

Happy Birthday Matthew :)
Looks you guys had gr8 fun

Rochelle said...

Happy birthday (tomorrow) Matthew. Your party looks like a great celebration of a wonderful little boy!

Emily Goot said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! love this pics!

Ria said...

Thank you!! It sure was a great bash. All our friends and family who could be there made it so much fun. It was also fun to get birthday wishes and greetings on facebook. Thanks everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Matthew,
You are a shining star, and you are going to shine even brighter for many more years to come. I wish I was there to join the fun ... and get a taste of your colorful cake! What cake did you have? Chocolate? Butter? I'm sure it was yummy.
Last night we also celebrated your uncle Luis' 16th birthday. We had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant which is Luis' recent favorite.
Happy birthday, Matthew! You are a wonderful blessing to us.

Love and a big hug,
Tita/lola Tess, Renzo and Luis

Rosa said...

Happy Birthday to Matthew! He is one of my super heroes.

Sandi said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Matthew, Happy Birthday to Matthew! Happy Birthday dear Matthew... Happy Birthday to you! (Insert Happy Birthday tune!)

Hunter says, "Happy Birthday my big buddy!"

Wonderful photos for a wonderful looking party!
Sandi, John & Hunter :)

Michelle said...

it looks like he had such a fun birthday party!