Monday, August 30, 2010

Hokey Pokey Shadow

One of the many things that Matthew enjoys is playing outside, especially in 70 - 85°F weather. Something else he enjoys is music. I like songs that get him listening, thinking and moving. In this video, he demonstrates the Hokey Pokey with his shadow.

He doesn't know his right from his left yet but he knows where his arms, elbow, hands, fingers, legs, knees, feet and toes are. He also knows other body parts like nose, eyes, chin, hair, head, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, chin, cheeks, shoulders, tummy, belly button and neck but they're not easy to incorporate into the Hokey Pokey.

We used the song "If you're happy and you know it" to teach him body parts. It also worked well during fussy diaper changes (and it still does sometimes.)


Rochelle said...

So cute! Giggled when he was shaking his bum.

TeamOSM said...

SO cute!! My son is about 15 months, but hasn't discovered his shadow yet. I can't wait until he does!

Sandi said...


You know, I read this post a while ago, but I just watched Matthew doing the Hokey Pokey and it is just priceless. Such a smart smart boy!! On another note, I have to tell you, (while I often laugh that we are so much alike with mixes and all) you sound EXACTLY like me! When I played your video, John thought it was me! How crazy is that!
Give Matthew a huge hug from Hunter and all of us!
Sandi :)