Thursday, June 17, 2010

He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not

He loves her! Without a doubt, Matthew cares for his sister and shows a lot of concern for her.

My mom was feeding Elizabeth a bottle of expressed milk one evening. Elizabeth decided she had enough and started to push the bottle out of her mouth with her tongue. So my mom set the bottle on a table next to her. Matthew quickly came over. He grabbed the bottle, gave it to my mom and was very insistent that she feed Elizabeth more. Then he gave her a burp cloth and watched closely to make sure Elizabeth was fed.

I thought babies were lulled to sleep by the gentle vibrations and low hum of the engine of a moving car. Elizabeth is the exception. She usually cries all the way to where we are going and all the way home. It makes the ride a lot longer than it really is.

please stop cryingWe drove into the city one day. Elizabeth started to cry a few minutes into the trip. She had just been fed and had a clean diaper so neither Bill nor I knew why she was crying. Colic? Being the good brother that he is, Matthew helped shake a car toy/ rattle for Elizabeth in an attempt to make her stop crying. But she's too young to pay attention to it and continued to cry inconsolably. Matthew started to get upset too. Sympathy cries? Maybe. He couldn't take it anymore so he covered his ears.
blocking out the cries
He loves her but he doesn't love the crying.


Rochelle said...

So sweet, I love the pic of him covering his ears. Crying baby = no fun!
Hope she settles into car riding for you. I am sure that is stressful when you are driving and can't tend to her needs!

Rosa said...

He is a good big bother. Elizabeth is lucky to have him.

To Love Endlessly said...

Poor Matthew. Very sweet, but oh I bet those car rides are quite long for all of you. :-)

Monica Crumley said...

Oh, I feel for him. Sounds like he's a great big brother and learning quickly what makes Elizabeth tick. John Michael had a few of those screaming car rides when he was really little and I always felt bad for the other kids in the car. At least Matthew has instant ear plugs when it gets really bad. I hope this phase ends quickly. Poor little sweeties.

Emily Goot said...

he is so adorable...and what a good brother looking out for her well-being. :)

Erin said...

So cute that he tries to console her. My daughter would always cry in the car until she was about 5 months. She is now 4 and still a pain to be in the car with!

A Lady Called Amy said...

what a sweet big bro he is! she's a lucky little girl! :)