Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bathing Baby Sis

My little helper generally likes to help do chores around the house.

When I vacuum the carpets, he follows me around with his toy vacuum cleaner going over the same areas that I clean. He follows me with the extra swiffer duster when I dust around the house. He throws newly washed clothes into the dryer when I hand them to him from the washer. He helps water the plants on our back deck. He helps wipe the dinner table if we've spilled anything on it. He'll help open or close the garage door if we help him reach the garage door button. He'll also help put toys away.

The newest thing he likes to help with is bathing his baby sister. I allow him to pour water on her tummy only while I do the rest.

Bathing Baby Sis 1
Bathing Baby Sis 2

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Rochelle said...

That is so sweet, wow is she growing fast!

Michelle said...

what a great big brother and wonderful helper you have!

ds.mama said...

What a sweetie! And she IS growing fast, wow!

Monica Crumley said...

What an awesome big brother! If John Michael would quit pinching Luke, I might try that, too. Let's just say he's having a slight rough go with his new brother around, interspersed by some really sweet, tender moments and gentle touches!

heidi marie said...


just letting everyone on my bloglist now that i have a new site now- the site henry's mommie will no longer be in use. everything has been transferred over to my new site!! hope to see you there.