Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday: Balls

big water ballOne of the toys we play with day in and day out: balls. It's one of Matthew's favorite things. We have a beach ball, rubber ball, sensory balls, yoga ball, chime ball, Oball, big water ball, small puffy ball, and we'll probably add to the collection as he gets older.

Balls are a simple and generally inexpensive toy. We have found countless ways to play from the time Matthew was 4 months old to his level of mobility today. Here are a few things we like to do:

- When Matthew was a baby and couldn't sit up yet, his physical therapist (PT) taught me how to use the yoga ball for Matthew to do baby sit-ups and neck-back strengthening exercises. Matthew also used it for bouncing. He loved bouncing.

- I use the sensory balls to roll on Matthew's face, arms, back and legs. He thinks it's funny as he is very ticklish.

- Roll the ball back and forth. This is a good activitiy to teach turn-taking.

kicking ball- Kick the ball around while holding on to both of Daddy's hands. Now that he's walking, his PT suggested that we have him kick the ball around while just holding on to just one hand. This is to help develop balance and stability while on one foot.

- Bat and roll the balls around the kitchen floor and crawl after them. It's great exercise and entertainment.

- Toss/ throw the ball back and forth. This is a good activity for hand-eye coordination.

Another game we have yet to try is bowling.

The Verdict
Simple. Fun. Entertaining. Let's plaaaay ball!

About 'Toy Review Tuesday': Every Tuesday, I write about our experience with a toy. This review is not to be construed as an endorsement of the product nor do I intend to put pressure on parents to purchase the toys reviewed. Questions, sharing your own experience, or any other helpful insights are welcome in the comment section.

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Unknown said...

I just love reading your posts. You are always full of interesting reviews. I wish you would have been around when Carly was little!!

By the way. Fantastic news that you now have a little walker in your house! Woo Whoo. Just wait till he starts running. That's when the fun really begins ;o)

Beverly said...

Noah is crazy for balls. He want to buy one every time we go to the store and he sees one. I lost count of how many we have. :)

Monica Crumley said...

We love balls, too. Funny, when you put them all together in one photo it seems like a lot, but I'm sure we have just as many lying around and under furniture. I love Matthew's 2 armed toss. JM is tossing behind himself. Makes it hard to play, but it's funny. Matthew is a DOLL!

datri said...

I have to recommend a couple of balls!

We love the O-Balls -- easy to catch!


And then Discovery Toys used to have an awesome vanilla scented sensory ball, but I don't know if they still carry it.

Monica said...

I've always wondered is it a boy thing?? Both of my boys were/are obsessed with balls (okay, that sounds really bad, but you know what I mean). Since I don't have any girls I'm not sure, but the word ball was even one of the first words for both boys. Footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, they love 'em all!!

ds.mama said...

The video is adorable. My little one has a hard time keeping her balls since her big brothers are constantly steaing them from her. If only they would play WITH her!

ch said...

i always love your tuesday feature...i found a BUNCH of sensory balls at our local Big Lots store. They were in all shapes and sizes and marked down a bunch. Jackpot!
We like the Fisher Price roll a rounds and are definitely oball junkies, too. :0) We like to put all 100 of those plastic ball pit balls into the tub with her once in awhile for some sensory overload. It's a hoot.

Lisa said...

Sheridan's first favorite ball was the pink oball with the rattles... now he loves his "prickly" balls (the sensory balls) and kindermusik jingle balls (he recently learned to play the roll-the-ball-back-and-forth game with dad and mom). Great post!

Ria said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. I always enjoy reading them. Seems like the O-ball is very popular.