Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Tears Solution

Matthew and I were running late for his Music and Movement class yesterday. On the way there, I was debating in my mind whether we should go or turn back while William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger theme song) played in the background on Matthew's i-pod.

We arrived 10 minutes late. There were only two other kids in the class this time. As soon as I entered the room, Matthew was instantly superglued to me and he stuck out his lower lip (a warning sign that he was not liking his current situation). The idea that toddlers forget is now a myth in my mind. Matthew obviously remembered the unhappiness he felt in this room from the previous weeks. So I went around the little obstacle course with him in my arms, reassuring him that I wasn't going to leave him this time. Then we sat in a corner and played with foam blocks. That got him smiling and clapping his hands. The rest of the class went well. No tears! Yay!

In the car with his i-podSo, until he gets used to being away from me, I'll have to be in the class with him so he gets a better experience out of it.

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Monica said...

I think this is an awesome solution!! I am happy that they will let you do the class with him!!!

Beverly said...

sounds like a good idea! he is so cute!

Ria said...

me too. I'm glad I can be his class buddy.

ds.mama said...

Did you get to run through the obstacle course? I would laugh if Matthew made you do it too! Oh, that little iPod is so cute. Does it work well? Where did you get it? I am so out of the iPod loop!

Ria said...

As a matter of fact I did! haha! I didn't crawl through the tunnel or swing on the bars though. That'll be the day! ha! As for the iPod, it's their last year's "Baby Einstein" release and plays only classical music. I hear the rockband version will be released next year. haha! You know I'm kidding, right? I just thought I'd try to be funny. :-)

Far Above Rubies said...

Ria, I think that was a wonderful solution. I love his little Ipod.

Chipper said...

Made me miss my little 3 year old nephew. My sister takes him to Therabilities (Occupational Theraphy/Speech Pathology) and he seems to be doing well. I'm sending your blog to her, it's a great help!

Kim Ayres said...

Hi - Matthew is one seriously cute kid :)

Just wanted to say I've added your link to the Squidoo site. Unfortunately I have to confess I set it up a couple of years ago in a frenzy of energy and enthusiasm, but I no longer have anything like the energy. So it's not maintained much.

However, hopefully it still gives people some interesting links if they stumble across it :)

My own daughter, Meg, has DS. She's 11. There are some posts about DS on my blog, but most of the ones about Meg are just ordinary father-daughter posts where the DS is irrelevant.

Wishing all three of you all the best,