Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Music and Movement and Mad Tears III

I hope this is the last post I have to write about 'mad tears' (Related posts include Music and Movement and Mad Tears and Music and Movement and Mad Tears II). It makes me sad thinking about how unhappy Matthew was in the music and movement class yesterday. He had taken a long nap before the class but was especially clingy to me when he woke up. In hindsight, maybe going to the class yesterday was a mistake.

He put on his I'm-about-to-cry face as soon as the class instructor held him. On the one hand, he stayed in the class for the whole 30 minutes instead of just 20 minutes like he had the past few classes. On the other hand, it was 30 minutes of unhappiness. It was so nice that his Occupational therapist (OT) met us at the class and stayed in the class as Matthew's buddy while I watched from the tv screen in the other room. He recognized her and would've given her a big smile but he was just past the point of being consoled and persuaded to participate, despite his OT's efforts and calming techniques. He was constantly signing "all done" and just didn't want to be in the class.

Maybe Matthew was just having an off day. Maybe he's not ready to be separated from me for that long, which is totally understandable and expected given his age and attachment to me. Maybe he has associated the class with his previous negative experiences. Maybe all the activity is just too much for him right now. Maybe he has underlying sensory issues, but I would honestly be surprised by that since we go to other similar recreational/educational programs in town with no problems.

Despite the thumbs-down-big-pout vote from Matthew, I still think that this is a good special needs program, especially since it includes typically developing kiddos in the class. We'll try it one more time next week and I'll be in the class with him. If that still doesn't work, then I'll know he's just not ready for this particular class. If so, we'll pull out of the class and just get back into it when he's older. Either way, I just hope we can end the class on a positive note (and not feel like a bad mommy).


Lacey said...

Hi there, your little guy is so stinking cute. Its nice to meet you.

Monica said...

Awww, sorry he was so sad!!! When Adam was that age he had major separation anxiety, but now at 10 years old I'm happy to say this is no longer an issue! :) We have sadly gone to the other extreme when I came home the other day he was having so much fun with his babysitter he told me to go back to the store!!!! :)