Friday, July 6, 2012

Stickers Activity for Fine Motor Skills

I love great ideas, especially if it's a fun, productive, educational activity for the kids. I recently picked up two great resources for promoting fine motor skills from the facebook group "Educational Strategies for Children with Down Syndrome".

hands on: As We Grow - 30 Kids Activities & Materials for Promoting Fine Motor Skills
PreKinders: Resources for preK teachers - Fine Motor Skills

We tried the sticker activity from "hands on". It was a success! We used small stickers and $1 Shape Tracing activity books from Target. Since I haven't been working on handwriting with either of them, I thought this was a good opportunity to use the tracing books.

Elizabeth was determined to put stickers on the dotted lines to complete her square.

Matthew stayed focused putting stickers on the dotted lines for his oval.

They both did a great job!