Friday, June 8, 2012

Swim Lessons

I don't know if Matthew will be an Olympic swimmer or even be interested in competitive swimming. He has always loved the water and we had him in the swimming pool since he was 8 months old. He uses putty-type ear plugs to keep pool water out of his ears. He's on his 2nd set of ear tubes.

He was in group swim lessons most of last year at the Y's indoor pool. This summer is the first time Matthew is in swim lessons this year - private lessons this time. I think the individual attention has been better for him.

My immediate goal: I would like him to be able to swim without a float or swim vest. He still needs to develop overall strength in his legs to be able to propel forward effectively when he kicks in the water. He's also still learning to put movements together like kicking while keeping his head in the water, not just one or the other. He'll improve with practice and other strength building activities outside the water.

Here's a short video of his lessons during the first week.


Rochelle said...

He is awesome!

RK said...

Holy cow. Way to go Matthew!!! That's amazing. He's light years ahead of where we are. I'd feel like we were full-on done and "there" if B could get to the stage of putting her face in or not using the belt. Maybe someday. And maybe not. We'll see...