Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toy Review Tuesday: Spray Bottles

Warmer weather is here. I'm so thankful for it! It means we can finally play outside and enjoy some new scenery beyond the walls in our house. The kids have been enjoying (almost) daily picnics on our back deck.

Something else the kids like to do on the back deck is play with spray bottles. They both like playing with water so this activity is very enjoyable for them. They spray the glass door and the glass table in an attempt to help me clean. They spray the chairs, the new seedlings, the deck, and the bbq grill just for fun.

Today, I wrote the alphabet on our wooden deck with chalk and they had fun spraying the letters. Matthew identified each letter as he squeezed the trigger on the spray bottle. I see every squeeze of the trigger helping increase finger and hand strength.

And as much fun as they have spraying each other, I like to remind them not to, especially since Matthew tends to point the nozzle directly at Elizabeth's face - at close range. She usually asks me, "tell Matthew do not spray Lizbeth." Then she turns around, armed with the spray bottle and the naughtiest grin on her face.


viv said...

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