Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Review Tuesday: Pop-up Pirate

Arrrr! Ahoy Matey!

This game is rated for kids ages 4 and up but even me 1-1/2 year old lassie, Elizabeth, likes to stick the swords into the barrel. It's another way to introduce basic colors and counting. Since Elizabeth is too young to understand the objective of the game, we usually make up our own game rules or simply have no rules except to have fun.

The plastic swords are a good size for pincer grasp practice for me 4-year old lad. The barrel doesn't stay put on the base when sticking the swords in so it presents a good opportunity to practice using two hands - one to stabilize and one to push the sword into the barrel. Aye, all hand hoay (all hands on deck) with this game!

Play time will depend on ye lads and lassies attention spans.



Noah's Dad said...

This looks cool, thanks for writing your review..and doing a video! :)

I'm pretty sure baby Noah would want to eat the swords though. ha,ha. :)

I actually posted a link to your review on our Facebook page so other parents could check out this awesome toy! :)

You guys are doing great things, keep at it.

Alison said...

Hi Ria and Bill - Last week we bought this for our little guy's third birthday and it is an absolute hit! Thanks so much for the suggestion - to see him sit and figure out how to fit the swords into the holes is just wonderful! Alison