Thursday, January 19, 2012

Matthew's List of Sight Words

As of January 19, 2012, Matthew can sight read at least 439 words (see photos below). He learns an average of 9 new words per week, flashcard style. I use plain unruled index cards and write the words with a black marker.

We review several words daily. He's a strong visual learner so learning to sight read is easy for him.

How do I choose which words to teach him? I started with words that he heard daily and are of high interest to him. Then I downloaded Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Sight Vocabulary (220 most common English words). And finally, we got a list of 1000 most common English words from NACD. (Also google "1000 most common English words").


Jenny Dawn said...

Your ideas and work with Matthew is also so inspiring and encouraging. You make it so accessible for every parent. I can't wait to do this with Joey! Thank you for your amazing blog-- it's one of my most favorites-- I always look forward to seeing something from you in my inbox! Cheers-- Jen

Monica Crumley said...

Yes, so inspiring! Matthew is amazing!

Sharon said...

Wow! That's fantastic. Thank you always for your wonderful teaching tools and never ending inspiration.

Ria said...

@Jen, thank you for reading and following. I am happy to share what we're learning. I am learning so much from other parents with older kids with DS and know how helpful it can be to hear about/ read about others' experiences too so this is my little way of paying forward.

@Monica, thanks. Our hats off to JM as well! He's an awesome little dude. :-)

@Sharon, thanks for reading and following. It's my pleasure to share whatever knowledge we pick up along the way, whether original ideas or from other wonderful resources. We all learn from each other. ;-)

gretchen said...

So awesome! 9 new sight words a day??? Crazy how quickly they absorb, right? Smart cookie.

Ria said...

@Gretchen, thanks. It is amazing how much our kids can learn. Of course, not everyone learns at the same pace at the same time. Matthew has his slow days too when absorbing new information just seems so hard. We've been trying to keep up with 9 new words per week. ;-)