Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Don't Break The Ice

The goal of Don't Break The Ice is to keep the polar bear on top of the ice for as long as possible. Players take turns tapping an ice block with the included plastic mallets.

Turn-taking is encouraged when playing by the simple rules of the game. My kids prefer a free-for-all game. The faster they can tap out all the ice blocks, the more fun it is. They have more fun making the bear fall through. As a result, each game lasts less than 30 seconds afterwhich they ask me to set up the pieces again saying, "More please" or "Again!"

Setting up requires more hand strength and fine motor coordination than either of them currently possess. They help me gather the pieces and I am more than happy to set it up.

It's a simple game. We can either play by the rules or not. I like it because the kids have fun with it and it's quality time spent together.