Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spontaneous Speech and Simple Addition

Spontaneous speech is one of the areas we are focused on developing at home and at school. Early number concepts is another area. Matthew likes numbers. This week at school, Matthew spontaneously demonstrated that he could do simple math too.

Working on counting objects (I forgot what was used) at preschool, Matthew's teacher asks him to put 4 in a container. He counts 4 into the container.

Then 3. He counts 3 into the container.

Then 2. He counts 2 into the container.

Then 3 again. But there are only 2 left on the table. He counts 1, 2... pauses and scans the table. Then without any prompting he slowly says, "I need 1 more."

Teacher: Yes, you do need 1 more, Matthew.

Matthew (speaking slowly): I can't find any.

Teacher: What should we do?

(Matthew pauses thoughtfully).

Matthew: Get more in here (pointing to full container).

And that, my friends, is outstanding PROGRESS!


RK said...

VERY good, Matthew!!! That's wonderful!

Rochelle said...


Me ;-) said...

Yea Matthew! Such a smart little guy!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! Matthew's processing is doing great!!!!