Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conversation Book: Driving Grandma's Car

There seem to be more individuals with Down syndrome who do not get driver's licenses than those who do. Yes, there are people with Down syndrome who have learned to drive and who have a driver's license. Some of these inspiring, hard-working individuals are on the Self-Advocate Council at the National Down Syndrome Congress. Click here to read about them.

Will Matthew ever learn to drive? We don't know yet.

Will learning to drive be one of his dreams? We don't know either. That's for him to figure out.

There are people without Down syndrome, typically developing people, who choose not to drive for various reasons.

At this point in time, our focus is on providing learning opportunities that would further his development so that later on in life, he will have more choices available to him. And I hope that one of those choices would be whether to drive or not.

So for now, he will be driving Grandma's car.