Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conversation Book: Daddy's Birthday

The kids and I surprised Bill on his birthday last week. When he came home from the office, we had balloons and his favorite food on the table.

It was a no-green vegetable kind of celebration, with his all-time favorite food - regular crust pepperoni pizza! It was shortly followed by an ice cream cake roll and Betty Crocker's blueberry muffins as his cake. Matthew helped blow out the candles on the "muffin cake." Then both kids had fun helping him open his birthday gift.

This wonderful memory ended up in Matthew's conversation book, which he takes to school to show his teacher to encourage more verbal expression, among many benefits I outlined in a previous blog entry "Conversation Book: Grant's Farm".

He is always eager to show his conversation book to his teacher. The photos are very relevant to him and they remind him of things he can try to talk about and share. When I say talk about, I really mean he can read the short narratives I wrote with each photo. It is also being used to help break the ice between him and his peers, as he seems to be shy around his 4 or 5 classmates. As a secondary benefit, he gets some reading and comprehension practice.

I replace the photos every week to keep the album fresh and it gives him something new to share and talk about.

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