Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Foam Soap on Glass

Bath foam soap is our alternative to using shaving cream as a sensory tool. It's non-toxic. It's not sticky or slimy. It's like hair mousse.

I've allowed them to use the outside of our sliding glass door as their canvas. It's much easier to clean up outside and less worrying about messes. Sometimes they use their hands. Most times they use a paintbrush.

Elizabeth is mildly sensitive to textures so this has been a good activity to expose her to this mushy, foamy texture. Matthew generally doesn't like messes and will ask for his hands to be wiped clean if there is just a little dirt on it. Bill was anti-mess when he was a kid. But Matthew will tolerate textures as part of an art activity. He also doesn't mind bubble solution all over his hands or legs. And he doesn't mind ink or marker on his hands.

Painting with foam soap has kept them entertained (at least for a few minutes) on nice, warm days outside. Using it to paint a vertical surface either with hands or a paintbrush is good for encouraging wrist strength and a good way to promote being upright instead of slouched in a chair (if they have a tendency to slouch). Not to mention, it's fun for them to get creative, make a mess, and not get into trouble. (Both kids know that I don't like messes. When Elizabeth makes a mess, she points to it and says "mess." If I give Matthew a paper towel, he will usually, not always, help me clean up messes.) They're helpful and intuitive and I love them both so much!


Rochelle said...

Awesome idea, I hadn't even heard of that before. I am sure the girls would love it.