Monday, May 2, 2011

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Party

Our little girl has turned 1. We threw a party fit for a queen - our "Queen Elizabeth".
table napkin for a queen

The house was filled with chatter and laughter of family and friends. The kitchen counters were lined with a wide selection of food - pulled pork, barbequed beef, smoked salmon, fried chicken, pizza, pasta salad, coleslaw, buttered corn, fresh strawberries, canned peaches, and a frozen custard bar offering a variety of toppings to create your own deliciously sinful treat - none of which I cooked since there was just no time.

And of course, we had a birthday cake topped with a tiara and a little cake just for Her Majesty.
birthday cakes
mini birthday cake
making a wish

She wouldn't touch it with her bare hands. But she happily dug out a little cave on its side with a spoon, trying not to get too much on her hands and not getting any in her mouth.

my cake!
I like my cake!

She happily played with it for a minute until she got some icing on her hands. Then she was done.

uh oh, messy icing
I'm done!

After the cake ceremony, big brother and all the other little kids helped with opening presents. Fun for everyone!

unwrapping presents

The backyard beckoned. Kids tried to build sand castles.

playing with sand

The pavement needed sprucing up with some sidewalk chalk.

Elizabeth with sidewalk chalk
Matthew drawing

The bigger kids swung on the tree swing in the backyard.

tree swing

Then we got out the "bubba", as Elizabeth says, starting out with the regular dip-and-blow method...

dip and blow
tracking a bubble

...and eventually bringing out the bubble gun...

the bubble gun
bubbles on a post
pop! pop! pop!

...and the gatling gun of bubbles, as Bill calls our battery-operated bubble machine.

up close with the bubble machine
kids and bubbles
I love bubbles

To our dear Elizabeth, Happy Birthday! May you be showered with more blessings. May you have your cake and eat it one day. May your days be filled with royal bubbles of happiness!
tiara and candle
royal bubbles


RK said...

Very cute cake! Happy birthday, Elizabeth!! Hard to believe it's been a year. Looks like it was alot of fun!!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures of Elizabeth with her cake. Definitely a princess that doesn't want to get dirty. :)

evrfwd said...

So much fun! Great photos! Happy day to E! Maya also didn't like her little smashing cake...the first year she wouldn't put any of it in her mouth. oxox