Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NACD Free Telephone Seminar on Down Syndrome

The National Association for Child Development is hosting a free telephone seminar on April 27, 2011 at 8pm (CST).

This is Part 2 of a seminar on Down syndrome. Part 1, which was done in March, was very successful and packed with information. It is available as a free podcast on iTunes (search for "NACD" on iTunes).

Topics to be covered include:
- Understanding hearing--why it is such a huge issue with Down Syndrome and how to address the problems
- Speech--how it is affected by hearing, structure, and function
- Looking toward our children's futures:
Self-help skills, chores, behavior, and on becoming responsible
Creating a target
NACD Foundation--creating a different model for our children's future

The Conference Call number is (712) 432-0075. (This is a long distance call. If you do not have long distance services on your phone, Skype is a recommended alternative.)
The Conference Code is 662415.

When entering the telephone seminar, hit *6 to mute your line to avoid sharing background noise with everyone on the call. To ask a question, hit *6 again to unmute. *6 allows you to toggle between mute and un-mute.

We will be listening in on the telephone seminar. Will you?


Brandie said...

I listened to the podcast of the first seminar and it was very good. I learned some things that have helped us. I'm interested in learning more about hearing. Goldie's is perfect and her auditory comprehension is age appropriate, but she just doesn't "hear" me sometimes. Or she only hears certain words. Wonder if they will touch on this issue?

Ria said...

Brandie, sounds like that is something they will cover in hearing and/or speech. If not, you can certainly ask the question. I'd be curious about that too.

Rosa said...

I wrote it down in my calendar. All the topics are very interesting. Thanks for sharing!