Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Animal Sounds Farm (Little People)

animal sounds farmMoo! Neigh! Baa!

The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds farm is recommended for kids 12 months to 5 years. It was a gift when he was a baby and it only piqued his interest when he was 2 years old. Elizabeth likes to play next to him, mouthing the animals. Recently, she's been trying to say "moo" and "neigh".

Modeling play has been the key to teach Matthew constructive pretend play. Some of the animals like to run around the farm and even hop on the roof. They are well-fed with plastic bread or whatever is available from our play food set.


It's been a good tool for practicing certain speech sounds. Matthew sometimes still says "boo" instead of "moo" or "deigh" instead of "neigh". So the horse and cow get moved around a lot.

This barn has become so popular at our house that animals from other playsets have found their way to it. The original animals include a sheep, pig, cow, horse, and goat. Now it houses a rubber duck, cat, more horses, and another cow. We need a (Little People) dog!