Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everybody Loves Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow is the connection for orphans with Down syndrome all around the world to find forever families.

An American family. Possibly the forever family of a 4-year old boy with Down syndrome from Russia. His name is Kirill. Everything was looking good until the Russian judge ruled against their application. The basis: Kirill was "not socially adaptable due to his medical condition." The judge would not approve the adoption only because Kirill has Down syndrome, saying that "he was better off in an institution than in a home with a family." It is absolutely heartbreaking. Read Kirill's story.

Kirill's story has spread like wildfire. Actress Patricia Heaton (in the tv series Everybody Loves Raymond) is responding to Kirill's story by supporting Reece's Rainbow. Read her Reece's Rainbow note on facebook.
She is donating $1 for every Reece's Rainbow follower on Twitter up to $10K.

Please show your support and help raise funds and awareness for orphans with Down syndrome. Simply follow @ReecesRainbow on Twitter.