Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Little People Sweet Sounds Home (Fisher Price)

Little People Home
It's a lot of fun for little people to play with Little People.

This was another great find at a consignment store! I paid $9 for the Fisher Price Little People Sweet Sounds Home, which originally sold for at least $35, and is now overpriced (my personal opinion) on amazon.com ($135) because it seems this particular model has been discontinued. Other Little People houses are available brand new for just under $40.

little people playing with Little People

Each room in the house has an appliance or piece of furniture that makes a sound. Both of my kids like buttons that make sounds so this greatly appeals to them.

Despite its pink roof, I don't think this house is too girly for my little guy especially since I've been using it to help with language like reinforcing the meaning of a few basic prepositions.

Matthew and I enjoy making the Little People walk on the roof, answer the phone, or do laundry. We put them on the potty, in the bath, and in the bed. We say "hi" when someone enters the house and "bye" when they walk out the door. Sometimes Little People send emails while at the computer. I notice that he plays more with the house independently and appropriately after I have modeled certain scenarios for him. And being the little boy that he is, he also finds pleasure in simply throwing the Little People over the roof to see how far they go.

Elizabeth mouths the chairs and the Little People right now. Soon enough, she will be pretending right along with us.


Monica Crumley said...

We still have this exact "model" from when Anna was little. It's at Grandma's house and the kids all loved it when they were younger. It's better than the newer models, too, because we had one and it didn't get played with so we gave it away! Darling photos!

Anonymous said...

Just bought one like new at a garage sale today, for $4.00. My grand-daughter will love it when she's visiting. Bargain and so cute!