Friday, February 11, 2011

Poop In The Potty

Matthew's been saying he's "wet" 75% of the time for a week now when he either needs to go or has already wet his pants. That's potty progress!

On the plus side, he's been learning to hold it in until we get to the potty. On the flip side, he's also been confusing it with a bowel movement and has learned to hold that in too.

For 5 days, he didn't go and refused to go until he just got so miserable and wasn't acting himself. He was even quiet and withdrawn at school one day. During that time, I'd been putting him in a pull-up more often than just underwear thinking that maybe that would encourage him to go since it would be something familiar. But it didn't work. He kept saying "wet" but I knew he really meant he needed to have a BM.

Finally, I used a glycerin suppository to help things along and put him in a pull-up. It was a big struggle for him to go and he was so unhappy in the process. But as soon as he was done, he was a happier little boy.

Today, I debated with myself about having him try to go on the potty versus going in the pull-up again. By chance, he was on the potty when he felt the urge. I hugged him while he was on the potty to reassure him it was ok and keep him calm since he was wanting to stand.

It was over in a few minutes. Matthew looked relieved. I was relieved that he didn't freak out. I was so proud of him. I said, "Look! You did it! Yay!! You pooped in the potty. You did great!!" He looked at his potty and said, "Poop!"


Melissa said...

I love all your potty posts. I know it's crazy early, but I've started to do some early potty training with Claire. A few weeks ago she started peeing about halfway through her diaper changes so I started sticking her on her potty. And she goes! One day she was in the same diaper for over 6 hours because she kept peeing in the potty. I haven't been great on my timing sometimes, but I figure the practice is a good thing.