Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Mommy Gig With Two Sick Kids

The sky is falling. And I'm not referring to snow.

Having two kids, who are fairly close in age, when they are both sick is not easy. I have snot on my shirt from both kids laying or crying over my shoulders. At least the Tylenol took care of Elizabeth's 102 degree fever.

Yesterday, Elizabeth coated me with vomit. It is not the best alternative to hair gel.
They seem to have an unspoken agreement to want to be held at the same exact time. The good news is that I don't need to pay for gym membership to work my arm muscles. When held, Matthew is ok with me sitting on the couch but Elizabeth wants me to be walking. Sigh.

On top of having cough and runny nose, Matthew is constipated. He had been regular up until he made pee potty progress and saying "wet." He was learning to hold it in. Unfortunately, he had also learned to hold in bowel movements. A glycerin suppository fixed that today but not without a lot of tears and struggling. I let him go in a pull-up since he was extremely opposed to sitting on the potty for it.

Naptime officially started 30 minutes early today. Even with both kids asleep, I still hear their cries in my head. So I turn on the iPod to help replace the crying echoes with some soothing jazz while blogging, planning my next set of flashcards for Matthew, and learning to bake sweet potato fries to keep my mind preoccupied. The house chores can wait another day as they usually do.

The mommy gig with two sick kids has certainly pushed me to tears. But I'm learning to deal, slowly but surely. It's a steep learning curve for me having had no siblings and babysitting experience.

The sky is falling. I may stress. I may have burnt my experimental baked sweet potatoes. I may sometimes think I'm not wired to be a mom. But at the end of the day, everything will be ok. Looking at both sick kids, I know that I still would rather be doing the mommy gig than anything else.


Looking Up said...

I know how difficult it is having one sick kid, can only imagine that two is double the fun. :( Hoping that your little ones are better soon.

Rochelle said...

Bless your heart, sick kids is no fun. Love your humor & I am glad you still think it is the best job ever!
Praying they are both feeling better tomorrow.

Michelle said...

(((hugs))) Ria!!!!!

ParentingArticles said...

That was touching. They definitely see you as the best mom in the whole world. A good parent does it all for the wellness of their children. I truly admire you.

Parenting Articles

Kathy O said...

Ria, you rock.

Brandie said...

Hang in there! We've been sick, too. Tried going out to watch the superbowl and I kept thinking I heard crying kids. My husband felt sick, so we had to come home.

Rey Minano said...

To say that mommy and I are proud of you would be an understatement. You're a wonderful mom, Ria, never doubt that. (((hugs))) too.