Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Son, The Model

IN magazine cover Sept/Oct 2010 issueMatthew's not on the cover of a magazine but he's the "smile" model for an Athens Dentalworks ad in the September/October 2010 issue of IN magazine. My little Ambassador of Smiles has always been a smile magnet. If I got a nickel for everytime I heard someone say how much they love Matthew's smile, I'd have a whole lot of nickels! It's fun to see him in a magazine ad.

He was 16 months old in the photo used in the advertisement, showing off his first pair of athletic shoes. He wasn't walking independently yet. He was also unstable sitting on this step because his legs were too short for him to firmly plant his feet at the bottom of the step. He actually toppled forward after I took several photos of him. I caught him, thanks to my cat-like reflexes (and my proximity). He didn't get hurt. Whew! Little did we know that this photo would become an ad. And I guess that would make Matthew a model.

The caption on the ad is "Your child's smile is forever contagious."
Athens Dentalworks ad

Ad design by Matthew Watson Design Inc.


Pallavi said...

The caption is so very true :)

Rochelle said...


Michelle said...

very cute photo and how neat!! Pictures of Kayla's eyes were used in a British medical magazine :)

Ria said...

Thank you!
@Michelle, nice! Kayla has beautiful blue eyes.

Unknown said...

Aw, and he looks extra-cute in that picture! I love it!