Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Review: I Have Down Syndrome, What Does That Mean?

I Have Down Syndrome: What Does That Mean
There's a new children's book on Down syndrome on the block and it's written by Sandi Graham-McWade, inspired by her young son, Hunter. "I have Down syndrome, what does that mean?" is asked all throughout the book. Illustrations, like the one on the cover, are found on every page that has simple one-liner answers for kids with Down syndrome who might ask the question.

Matthew is too young for this book right now. We'll probably read it together when he is in grade school or when he may ask what it means to have Down syndrome. It's a nice book to have in our libray alongside the other children's books we have about Down syndrome.

Have you read it? What do you think?


Karen said...

I'm beginning to look for books to explain Ds to Caleb's friends. Have purchased "Let's paint the Octopus Red", but have not seen the one you noted Ria. I know it's a new release. Not even available on Amazon yet. Would you recommend it for 3's and 4's?

Ria said...

Hi Karen! Matthew just turned 3 but I think this book might be advanced for him as the concepts are simple but also abstract for a younger mind. That's just speaking from my perspective though. I'll be saving this book for when he's older - probably grade school age when he starts asking the question himself.