Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday: Feathers

feathers at therapy time
One of the things we use in speech therapy is feathers. Matthew enjoys playing with feathers. He doesn't mind the feel of feathers in his hands or when we tickle his face or neck with one. In fact, he'll tickle right back with a feather in his hand and say "kel, kel, kel" (tickle, tickle, tickle).

When we started teaching Matthew to blow bubbles, we used feathers to reinforce the concept of blowing. The visual of seeing a feather blown off his hand was very reinforcing. Now, he's a pro at blowing feathers and bubbles.

Hiding small toys in a box of feathers is another fun game. He says, "dig, dig, dig" as he searches for the little cow that his speech therapist has hidden in the feathers. He searches for just one item at a time now. Maybe when he's a little older, we can work on number concepts and have him look for 2 or more items. Another idea is to have him look for two things hidden in the box of feathers.

Sometimes he likes hiding the toys in the feathers himself. His speech therapist modeled how the little plastic animals can "hop, hop, hop, jump" into the feathers and bury them. Matthew says, "hop hop hop dyump!" most emphatically.

One thing about playing with feathers though is it can get messy. Be prepared to clean up!
playing with feathers

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Jill said...

awesome! Matthew's speech is really good! This is a great idea, I will for sure try it.

Rochelle said...

I LOVE how he just makes room for himself in the feather box. So cute and such great ideas as always. Thanks!

txkerri said...

Matthew is such an adorable little man! Your blog is awesome! I have spent many hours soaking up information from you already! Thank you for sharing!

KANSIREE said...

that good idea... i'll try for sure :)

Melissa said...

I haven't commented in a while, but wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I am always filing your ideas away for when Claire is just a little older...