Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Review: A B C for You and Me

ABC for You and MeWritten by Meg Girnis.
Photography by Shirley Leomon Green.

I find the simple layout, white background and good photographs of kids with Down syndrome most appealing about this picture book. Each page is a photo of a child or children with the object corresponding to the letter of the alphabet. A letter is found at the top of each page in both uppercase and lowercase. The word for the object is printed in big black font at the bottom.

Matthew and I point to the objects in each photograph. Sometimes he labels them with his approximation of the word. Sometimes he makes the sound associated with the word. For instance, he meows when he sees the cat. This is one of the many books I've been using to encourage Matthew to verbalize more words.

It's a nice book to have. Do you have it? What do you think?


Jill said...

I do not have this exact one, but I do have one similar to it. It has sound buttons on the side bar with the same picture on the buttons as on the pages. Nate can see the picture on the page and then look for the matching button on the side. When he pushes it in, it says the word and makes a noise. He likes it very much!

Rochelle said...

We don't have this one but, checked out the counting book by her from our library. Alayna enjoyed it, and Aidan thought it was pretty cool that all the kids in the book had ds. =)

Brandie said...

This book sounds like it might be good for Goldie. She has low vision and most alphabet books are so cluttered with pictures she can't see anything.