Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday: Pom Poms

Give me an "M" - A - T - T - H - E - W!
pom poms 1

pom poms 2Matthew's physical therapist (PT) brought pom poms to our most recent therapy session at home. They were an instant hit! His PT says that all the kiddos that she sees love to play with pom poms. They're fun to shake up high, shake down low, shake to the sides, shake fast, and shake slow. They can be used as a tool for taking turns or imitation, which Matthew enjoys. From a PT point of view, all this shaking works on his arm and shoulder muscles.

pom poms 3I suppose we can also do this with a set of maracas or rattles but there is something magically captivating about the rustling and swishing of long, crinkled plastic strings that make pom poms so much fun.


B. McKenzie said...

ooh..good idea! I'll have to find some for Jack.

To Love Endlessly said...

I just saw a set of pom poms at a local thrift shop. I didn't pick them up, but maybe I should've. :-)