Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Toddler and the Tat

playing with a balloon
In his crawling days, Matthew went after Yuri, whom he calls "tat" (cat). It's no different now that he's walking and running. Yuri remains to be one of his biggest motivators/ moving targets.
toddler and tat
Matthew learned to run a few months ago. He runs as fast as his little legs can take him, sometimes stumbling if he goes faster than he can manage. We continue to work on his leg strength and coordination with activities such as walking up and down the small hill with little assistance in our backyard and kicking the soccer ball. Other gross motor activities to improve balance, coordination, and overall strength and stamina that we do include:
tricycle- throwing a ball overhand vs. underhand.
- catching a ball.
- jumping, trying to get lift-off with at least one foot.
- walking along a 4' long x 5" wide x 1" thick wooden beam laid on the ground with one foot on it and one foot on the ground. This is to help improve balance and leg strength.
- walking, instead of crawling, up and down a flight of stairs with one-hand support.
- properly mounting and dismounting his tricycle and scooter.
- moving around on a scooter with either both feet pushing off at the same time or alternating.

We also continuously work on fine motor skills to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and hand strength with these activities:
sidewalk chalk- pointing at pictures or popping bubbles with index finger.
- drawing on our driveway with sidewalk chalk.
- drawing/ coloring with crayons on a flat surface parallel to the floor such as a table.
- drawing with crayons on an inclined surface such as an easel. I'm told this helps to strengthen the wrist more than the previously listed activity.
- stringing beads.
- cutting with play-doh scissors.
- playing with play-doh.
- finger painting with foam soap.

kiss the tatUnfortunately, Matthew also uses Yuri's tail for hand strengthening. He's got a grip that will drain the blood from your fingers. Poor Yuri has lost many toddler-handfuls of fur yet our tolerant "tat" still lets Matthew get close. Fortunately, Matthew isn't always in a grabby mood. Sometimes Matthew gives Yuri a kiss. In return, Yuri rubs up against Matthew. They have a like-dislike relationship.

Here is a series of photos I took of them a few days ago. Matthew was sitting in one of Yuri's favorite spots to lay down and wasn't going to budge, especially since he was too busy smiling for the camera. The "tat" was not amused.
tat not amused 1
tat not amused 2
tat not amused 3
I wonder how Elizabeth will be with Yuri when she's mobile. I bet the tat wonders the same thing.

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Far Above Rubies said...

Ria, this is just the cutest post. I love the pictures, especially that last picture of the tat looking at the camera. LOL..... You made my day with that one.

Also the post was very informative. I do a lot of the same things with Ella. The other day we were walking, bending, and picking up rocks and throwing them. We had fun and glorious muscles were being used all the while.

We moms can get pretty creative when we want to. :-) I'm hearing a lot of good things about aquatherapy and cranial scarel too.

God bless you.

Rochelle said...

I LOVE the last picture. Looks like Yuri is totally disgusted at the fact that Matthew is in the favorite spot. Hahaha.

Yeah Matthew on running and doing so awesome. You are inspiring.

To Love Endlessly said...

haha, I love that shot with the tat looks so unamused that his spot was taken. hehe

Pallavi said...

Cute Pics..
Ria, I guess I have never left a comment here, But I have been following your wonderful blog from quite some time.
Your toy/book reviews are gr8.
I love looking at Matthew's pictures.

B. McKenzie said...

Love these! We have been thinking about getting a "tat" for motivate him to move and explore more..your post has def made me want to now. Thanks for posting and I also want to say that Matthew gets more adorable each day!!

Melissa said...

Okay, that last picture of the 'tat' has me LOL! I love hearing about all the specific activities you are working on with Matthew. I love knowing what fun things we have coming up.

Emily said...

What a fun post to read! Fun pictures too!

Lorna said...

Oh my gosshhhh... the last few pictures were too funny!!! ROFL!!! Oh, Yuri, he's such a darling!!! :D