Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toy Review Tuesday: Telephone

One of Matthew's favorite toys is the telephone. We got him a Fisher-Price cordless telephone that plays music and various sounds but of course, he thinks the real cordless phone is more interesting to play with. Thankfully, he has never accidentally dialled 911 or any of the saved phone numbers (yet). It's probably just a matter of time before that happens! He has, however, accidentally put the phone on hold and disallowed incoming calls a couple of times.

Fisher Price cordless phoneIn selecting a toy phone, my keywords were simple, buttons, and music. I had considered corded phones but decided to go with a cordless phone as it was more portable and Matthew saw us on cordless phones anyway. The Fisher-Price phone met my criteria. Matthew likes it almost as much as he likes the real phone. It's simple, has easy-to-push buttons and plays music. It's easy for Matthew to hold up to his ear. It was also less than $10 (brand new). Other phones that had more bells and whistles cost more and I just didn't think we needed to spend a lot on a toy phone.

Seeing Matthew babble on the phone always makes me chuckle. I realize that he's probably imitating me on the phone (except I'm not as animated). It's very entertaining to hear him babbling away in a very animated manner and practicing different inflections as you will see in this video. Enjoy!


Rochelle said...

Love the video. So cute to watch him talk on the phone. I loved how he was watching himself say mama as he made the sign. Very cool.

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness...I just LOVED this video!! It made me chuckle because you just wonder what he was talking about...I also thought it was so cute that he was signing and watching himself as he did it!

Super cute video!

To Love Endlessly said...

too cute! Marissa LOVES the phone too. She will sit there and push the buttons to her little hearts content. She even signs telephone when she wants to take a turn talking to family on the real phone.

One suggestion: when buying a phone for your little one, make sure the off button is on the side of the phone. Vtech makes a phone where the on/off button is right on the top which makes it very frustrating for kiddos learning cause and effect.

Ria said...

Great tip Patti! Thanks! I didn't think about that. The on/off button for the Fisher Price phone that we have is on the side as well.