Sunday, December 20, 2009

Occupation: Stay-at-home Advocate Mom (SaHAM)

Sometimes our decisions in life take us to places for different reasons other than which we originally intended or planned. When I went to Australia for a masters degree in International Business, I envisioned pursuing a high-powered career in a large multinational corporation soon after I graduated. I never thought I would find love that would eventually lead to my current life as a Stay-at-home Advocate Mom. Looking back, it wasn't easy for me to let go of my corporate career dream BUT I'm happy with where I'm at now. Going to Australia was one of the best decisions I'd ever made in my life.

As a full-time SaHAM, I am responsible for meeting Matthew's daily needs, scheduling therapy sessions and doctor appointments, and housekeeping. I keep an eye out for social and learning opportunities for Matthew such as Kindermusik, preschool gym, tot time at the library, swim classes, and various playdates/ playgroups with other moms and toddlers.

My advocacy duties are centered on raising awareness about Down syndrome through various outlets such as the internet (my blog, emails, etc), print media (books, Christmas letters, etc), and speaking arrangements at schools when given the opportunity.

I will have more on my plate with baby #2 and as Matthew gets older. One of the additional responsibilities will include refereeing between siblings.

I am on call 24/7. Vacation days are limited and I can only take leave if I have someone else fill in.

The pay? Let's put it this way:
Money I could've made in a high-powered corporate career: $$$$$$$
Being a stay-at-home advocate mom: PRICELESS

Credit: I borrowed the term from another inspiring T21 blog that I recently started following called ever forward, Maya.


Beverly said...

great post and so true

Beth said...

Staying home is a great profession. You are the best person for the job, congratulations on a job well done!

Monica Crumley said...

Awww, love your post. I read somewhere that to replace a SAHM, if she were to die (morbid thought), is currently about $65K per year. It would cost even more the larger the fam. I'll bet I"m up to $100K about now LOL. To hire a cook, maid, maintenance crew, nanny, chauffeur, errand-runner, hair fixer, "can you find my lost whatever" person, etc. would cost way too much. So, that being said, I'll just plan on keeping my current Priceless position and let the rest of the people in the world go to a job for now. :-)

To Love Endlessly said...

priceless post, love it