Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday: Hats

Daddy's baseball hat
Lately, "hat" is another word that Matthew is signing, making his signing list 25 words long. There are fancy feathered hats, pirate hats, cowboy hats, many kinds of hats. All are fun for dress-up games. Kids play very interesting pretend games with hats.

Hat Games for Toddlers
Bill occasionally wears baseball hats/ caps. Every time Matthew sees a hat on Bill, he's quick to grab it, pull it off Bill's head, and drop it on the floor. And so this is how toddlers play Fetch.

playing with hat

Hats can also be used to play Peek-a-boo. It's a fun alternative to hiding behind towels or your hands.

Give Matthew a hat and sit him in front of the mirror and he'll babble and play. He'll try to put the hat on his head or just over and behind his head. This seems like a good activity to learn to put a hat on, which is a self-help skill. Ironically, Matthew will play with hats and put them on while playing but will never keep a hat on his head any other time.

Matthew's friend, Ally, came up with a unique and fun way to use hats. They can be beds for little dolls.

Do you have a creative hat game you'd like to share?

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Beverly said...

Too cute! Noah loves to wear his hats too.

ch said...

We have a local party supply warehouse that has fun and inexpensive novelty hats (Cat in the Hat style, hamburgers, crowns, chef hats, etc.)
LC is a knock out as a pizza.

Ann said...

Matthew is such a cutie! I love how he is experimenting with that hat!

Artie loves loves loves hats!
He has several, a hardhat, a cowboy hat, a baseball cap, a rain hat and more. When he sees someone with a hat he signs away and his eyes follow them! The only game we play with hats right now is "what are we doing when we wear this hat?" type thing. When he wears the construction hat we hammer things! He loves his fireman hat most of all! He gets to press the siren save the stuffed animals!

Kim said...

Very cute!

Renee' said...

How every cute is Matthew in that picture with the hat one. He really cracked me up making funny faces in the mirror. Once again he is learning with having fun and still you are a great Mom/teacher/Matthew World.

Monica Crumley said...

So cute! I think I finally found a hat that John Michael likes to wear and not throw. :-)