Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday: Bounce & Giggle Elephant

Fisher Price Bounce & Giggle Elephant
So far, my toy reviews have been about Matthew's favorite toys - toys that we like. CH at Little LC Boom Boom recently asked me if there were any toys I would recommend against. One of them would be the Fisher Price Bounce & Giggle Elephant, as well as the other animals in this toy line, rated for babies 6 months & up.

The toy is not baby-friendly. While it has rubber ears that are theoretically meant for babies to chew on, it was too heavy for Matthew to lift and bring to his mouth at 6 months of age. Even if I had set it on his bumbo seat tray for him to chew on, it would have been too hard and clunky for him to manipulate.
The button, which is the nose, is very hard to press. Only a baby with super strength can activate this toy. It only makes 2 sounds while vibrating: a giggle about 5 seconds long and music about 8 seconds long. Matthew was 20 months old when he was able to push on the nose to activate the music and giggles. But it only sustains his interest for the 8 seconds of music and vibration. Then he moves on to another toy.

The Verdict
Overall, this cause-and-effect toy didn't do much for Matthew's development. There are so many better cause-and-effect toys out there. Maybe other babies or toddlers like this toy. But at $25 on Amazon, it hardly seems worth it. Save your money or buy something else.


ch said...

How great that you chose this toy! I stood in the aisle debating over purchasing the cow version of this toy for the longest time and then decided against it...love, love, love your toy reviews...

Michelle said...

Kayla received something similar for her bday - I think it was a pig or a cat...but I didn't like the toy either. Very annoying!

Violette's Mom said...

I just copied your toy reviews to put over on the BC Prego board for a mom looking for what to register for. As I was flipping through your list, I saw this toy, and I thought - sheesh, I thought that was a terrible toy, lol...so glad to see you agreed with me!