Thursday, August 27, 2009

i did it

Jennifer at Three's a Charm has created "i did it" t-shirts, a wonderful idea inspired by her son, Joaquin. She wrote:
Three simple words that mean so much. Accomplishments that are celebrated and cherished. All the simple little things and the big things too. First smiles, first steps, first words. Things we used to take for granted and never will again.
For every infant and toddler tee purchased (retailing at $21 in honor of Trisomy 21), Jennifer will buy a copy of the new book Gifts 2, sign the inside cover with the name and/or blog of the child who the tee was purchased for, and donate the book to a local hospital, genetic counselor's office or pediatrician's office in Sacramento, California.

Read more at Three's a Charm: I did it.

i did it
I did it!

Matthew is going to be 23 months old in the first week of September. Here are his latest i-did-its:

1. He can crawl (backwards) down a flight of stairs, needing assistance only 20% of the time, under 101% supervision. Crawling up the stairs was much easier for him and he's been doing that for several months now.

2. Using more speech sounds (aa, oo, da, la, ba, ma, wa, guh) interchangeably and in a continuous string (da-ba-ba-ma-wa) in his babble. He used to only say dadada, lalala, aa, and oo, each speech sound by itself. His receptive language is very good. It's his expressive language that has us wondering if he has apraxia of speech.

3. His latest signs are water, hat and please.

4. If I ask him "Where are your shoes?", he'll sign shoes and head straight to them by the front door.

5. Playing with the shape sorter last night, he purposefully put the circle piece in the slot for the circle and the triangle piece in the slot for the triangle. He did this two times! I wish I got the look of excitement on his face on camera. It was priceless!

What are your kids' latest i-did-its? Do share!


Erin said...

We just ordered our "I did it" shirt! Addie had tubes placed 2 weeks ago today and since then has begun walking with her walker toys and pulling up to everything! It has been amazing. I have always been trying to get her to patty cake with me....and FINALLY she is doing it! And now does it all the time! (thanks for letting us brag on our kiddos) =)
ps..when did you start signing? I so desperately want Addie to show me that she gets it...but nothing yet..she understand the sign for milk, but that's about it..

The Sanchez Family said...

I love it Ria!!!!! I love the look on our little guys' faces when they do something new and they are so proud of themselves. It's priceless. Keep doing "it" little guy!!!

Beverly said...

I just love these shirts!! Matthew looks so cute in his!

Kim Ayres said...

To the contrary, my kids are more likely to yell "it wasn't me!"


Jennifer said...

There's a whole lot of sitting going on around here. Yeah!

Debbie said...

well, JEB is doing some word recognition for reading at school. He's up to 12 words now and will match the word with the picture, recognizes all of the alphabet and and will circle these words and numbers to 10 when called out to him. COOL!!! We are very proud of him!!!

Leslie said...

What a great idea! Love the t-shirt on Matthew.

His list is awesome! FWIW, we also find that Eliana's receptive language is much higher than her speech. I think this is pretty typical of kids with Ds. I know you will figure out if he is dealing with apraxia (and I hope he isn't) as I can tell you are really on the ball!!!


Sharon said...

Yay, Matthew!!!