Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Lessons Father Learned From Son

1. Down syndrome is just a small part of the bigger picture.
on Daddy's lap

2. Patience, patience, patience.

sharing a waffle

3. A smile from a little one can brighten anyone's day.

lifting him up

4. If you make peace with your expectations and work hard, then possibilities increase exponentially.


5. Concern and care for the family knows no bounds - unconditional love.

at the hospital

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge other dads in the blogosphere sharing their perspectives of life with a child who has Down syndrome. I have been following and enjoying your blogs. Thank you for writing. If I missed anyone, please leave me a comment and I will add them to my blogroll too.

Kim Ayres at Ramblings of the Bearded One
Dan at Down With Oz and Downtown DS
James at Family Fused
Logan at Disposable (not so disposable anymore)
update: Jeff at Big Dawg Tales (thanks, Kim!)
update: Jay at The Hill Family of Northwest Arkansas
update: Tom at Narrow Ridge (thanks, RK!)

D.A.D.S - Dads Appreciating Down Syndrome

to my wonderful husband
and to all the terrific blogger and non-blogger dads!!

What have your kids taught their fathers?


To Love Endlessly said...

Marissa has taught each of us endless ways to love. No matter how frustrated we get sometimes, to see her sweet, sweet melts your heart.

Kim Ayres said...

Happy Father's Day to Bill :)

He's a bit sporadic, but Jeff at Big Dawg Tales
is the father of Nash, who has DS

Virna said...

Hi Bill, This is so touching! It's a great picture! Happy Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

HI Bill and Ria...

Happy Father's Day to you both and to lil' Mathew... My love and support is with u both..:)

Lalita (from Monash) hope u remember me.

Far Above Rubies said...

Hi Bill and Ria,

Happy Father's day to you both and to your baby Matthew. He is so beautiful. My love and graditude to you for sharing your life so openly. I love this post, Ria. It's lovely.

Ria said...

Thanks Kim! Big Dawg blog added.
Lalita, of course we remember you! How is life in Thailand? Or are you in Australia now?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post!

Happy Father's Day Bill!!

I always thought you would be a good dad. Seeing you with Matthew these last 20 months though, I've realized I was wrong. "Great" & "Wonderful" are much more fitting adjectives. "Good" just doesn't cover it.
Happy Father's Day.
Your sis Kris

RK said...

Just clicked over from Michelle Z's blog where I was going to post about how we've had heat like crazy that I'd be happy to share with her, but you had already covered that. :) We're in St. Charles, so if you ever want to meet in the middle, we have a few moms up here who like to get together and get to know new friends (and bloggers) in the area. My email is braskasmom at gmail dot com.

Oh, and Tom at Narrow Ridge ( is another dad, though I'm a bit late. My husband has a blog too,( but it's not always about Braska... don't know if that counts. :)

Ria said...

Thanks for the links RK! I only added Tom's blog though, no offense to your husband. But I did add Braska's blog to my blogroll!
I would love to meet you and other moms in the area. I'll email you.