Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 4 P's of Early Intervention

If Marketing has its 4 P's (Price, Product, Place, Promotion), I think Early Intervention should adhere to 4 P's too: Professional, Personable, Positive, Possibilities.

We enrolled in First Steps Early Intervention the day before we left the hospital. Physical Therapy (PT) and Developmental Therapy (DT), also known as Special Instruction, began when Matthew was a month old. We added Occupational Therapy (OT) when Matthew was almost 4 months old and Speech Therapy (ST) when Matthew was 9 months old. Matthew was so little and the thought of all these therapies on our baby, our first and only child nonetheless, was a very strange notion to us. But we knew it was necessary.

There are times when I'd be so overwhelmed and get frustrated with myself. Am I doing enough? It would feel like wading through waist-deep mud or sometimes running into a brick wall.

His therapists always reassure me that I am doing a wonderful job following through with activities/ exercises in between sessions and that it is normal to have ebbs and flows in Matthew's development, in any child's development. They encourage me to keep at it. They always guide me with helpful suggestions when addressing any concerns I may have. They celebrate Matthew's EVERY achievement with us. They believe in his capabilities.

I am fortunate and thankful that I get along with all four therapists who work with Matthew. They work as a team and communicate well with each other, which is just as important as them working and communicating well with me. As a team, they are Professional, Personable, Positive, and see Matthew's Possibilities.

Tonight, First Steps is hosting a dinner in honor of the therapists in our area. I had the opportunity to contribute a door prize. Since all the therapists in the area are women, I contributed a cute purse that is handmade out of a placemat. I bought it from my sister-in-law's long-time friend, who currently runs her own business called Stitches and Strings, specializing in handmade personalized gifts including baby gifts, placemat purses, bath towels, cosmetic bags, and keychains." The door prizes that First Steps receives will be distributed randomly. I'm hoping one of Matthew's therapists gets this Purse.
Stitches and Strings handmade purse
Stitches and Strings business card

UPDATE as of 6/26/2009: I just found out that one of Matthew's therapists DID get this purse!


Debbie said...

Oh cute is that purse!!! I'm going to have to look at their website, for sure!!!

You know, I remember when JEB had all of those therapy appts to go to and our life revolved around when his appts were, and we did not miss one.....ever! BUT it makes such an amazing difference! There were times he didn't like it and times he fussed...ST when he was tiny, PT when they made him crawl on his knees....but it was so worth it!! Plus it gave me a little bit of down time cuz as he got older, they would take him w/o me back there.

Keep plugging will be rewarded in the end!!

Beverly said...

that purse is so cute! who ever gets it will be so lucky! Yes, it is wonderful when you get the best therapist for your child.

Monica Crumley said...

I like your 4 P's idea. We're very fortunate to have some very caring therapists as well. Love the purse. So cute!

CJ Field said...

I love your Four P's idea too!! Don't get me started on the professional one...I'm sure our OTA having an affair with my (now ex) husband would fall outside this definition!!

Cheryl said...

That purse is very cute!
Love the 4 P's!

To Love Endlessly said...

It's a fantastic idea! Unfortunately, we haven't been very lucky with therapy down here. I am hoping to become a big mouth advocate in this area to increase the services being provided. Thankfully I am a parent that reads, researches, and follows through, but I feel it's a dis-service to the child and the community, that some EI services are simply there for a payheck.

Love the purse, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

A neat post!

I might, though, take the liberty of adding another "P" on your behalf if you don't mind... Parents. Proud, Passionate, Persistent Parents. The information and techniques of the therapists are amazing, but without wonderful parents carrying through what the therapists teach them during those sessions, the effects may not be quite as tremendous... here's to Powerful Parents too!!! :)
your sis in law Kris