Sunday, May 31, 2009

Park Playdate

We recently went to a playgroup organized by First Steps, the early intervention program that we're in. It was at one of the parks in town and it was a beautiful day. Matthew enjoyed playing in the ball pool that they set up.

He also liked playing on the grass. He used to not like the feel of grass. So is this an indicator that he's not sensory defensive?
Printed on his shirt: "I may be small but I'm still The Man"

He enjoyed hanging out and watching the other kids that were running around. He's an only child so going to these playgroups is good for developing social skills in interacting with other kids close to his age. I think my little observer is taking notes from other kids. When I was taking this photo (below), I didn't realize at the time that he was the only boy in the pool.


My name is Sarah said...

That looks like a fun playdate.

Beverly said...

looks like so much fun! Noah had a play date this weekend too, he had a blast!

heidi marie said...

ahhh. i love the pic with all the kids in the pool! socializing is definately important. i know henry watches older kids and takes notes.

To Love Endlessly said...

haha, quite the ladies men huh. ;-) I love the picture of him in the grass! So sweet. Marissa just started daycare 2 times a week for socialization. It's been great for her!