Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse

We welcomed Rody the Pony into our home when Matthew turned 3. I guess he's just a fancy version of the hopping ball. Bill says he looks like a weird rabbit, not a pony.

Rody the rabbit??

Rody offers a few advantages over the hopping ball. For Matthew, Rody is easier to mount and dismount compared to the hopping ball. Rody is easier to hop on. Given that he is a hopping toy, there is a real possibility of falling over to the side or forward as weight is shifted on the horse while bouncing.

Rody backside

Rody sideview

We started out by spotting Matthew very closely as he had a tendency to fall sideways. But since he's a little stronger now and has better reflexes and control, he will ride Rody and purposefully fall off Rody in a very controlled manner and say "Whoa!". It's one of his favorite things to do.

He can independently ride Rody and move a couple feet forward with him but not down the full length of our hallway yet.

Rody Pony

Elizabeth's interaction with Rody is limited to chewing on his ears and crawling over it when on its side. She gets to ride Rody too but only with me holding her. The toy is rated for ages 3 to 5 so it will be a while before Elizabeth goes bouncing around the house on Rody by herself.


Jill said...

Ria, thank you soooo much for posting this. James and I were at Toys R Us just last week looking for a smaller sized bball hoop for Nate, and I spied this very toy you reviewed. I wanted to get is so bad, and even after we left the store, I went back in to look at it again! I was so close to buying it but I just couldn't decide if it would work like a bouncing ball or if it would just sit there and be another toy to find a home for. Now I have my answer! I had hoped that the toy would be exactly what you have described it is. I know where I'm headed after work! Thanks again :)

Rochelle said...

Haha, I am with Bill, not sure Rody really should be classified a pony. LOL
Go Matthew Go!

Anna said...

Im not sure if the one Ive been eyeing on Timberdoodle is the same thing or not. You might find some things there you would enjoy.....