Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day 2011

The International Down Syndrome Coalition for Life (IDSC), which is a non-profit organization educating medical staff and families with a prenatal diagnosis with up-to-date information about Down syndrome, has created a video featuring many amazing people living with Down syndrome. (Matthew and Elizabeth are in this wonderfully made video too!)

March 21 is chosen as World Down Syndrome Day because the date "3/21" represents the triplication of the 21st chromosome. People with Down syndrome have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome instead of 2. It is celebrated by Down syndrome organizations all over the world.

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, +15 is putting together a collage of photos with the words "One of Them is Me" to send to policymakers and to advocate for increased research funding. Here is the photo we shared.

One of Them is Me.


Looking Up said...

Love the photo of Matthew. Just shared one of my son (Joshua) on the +15 page too. The more research funds, the better!

Rey Minano said...

Very happy to see Matthew and Elizabeth in that video. Loved that! :-)