Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday: My Pal Violet (Leapfrog)

Violet was actually a gift for Elizabeth from friends. She's soft, cuddly and programmable with a USB cable link to the computer - definitely a stuffed toy of the 21st century. None of my stuffed animals were this cool when I was a kid.

My Pal VioletThe software is free and downloadable from the leapfrog website. Linking with the USB cable allows songs, a favorite animal, a favorite color, a favorite food, and the child's name to be downloaded to the toy. Violet then incorporates the name, animal, color and food into the songs she sings. The songs are cute and catchy and appeals to Matthew so much that Violet has become one of his favorite toys. So I let him play with the purple dog while Elizabeth still doesn't mind sharing. Violet also asks for hugs and Matthew is more than happy to comply.

There are so many downloadable choices - 149 food items, 98 animals, 10 colors, 19 daytime songs, and 15 lullabies. The software also has printable MyPal adoption certificates, songs and coloring pages.

I change up the animal, color, and food every few days to keep it interesting. In a way, it helps Matthew's listening skills and speech. He tries to sing along and say whatever food, animal, name (Elizabeth or Matthew), and color that Violet says.

Two thumbs up for this toy!


Anonymous said...

My kids each have one of these (Buddy has the green puppy, Scout). We love them!! Actually, we love Leap in general. They each have Tag Jr readers, My First Leaptops, and Munchkin has the Leap Scribble and Write. They are such awesome products. Well made, well designed, educational and fun!

To Love Endlessly said...

how cute. we have the "old fashioned" one that just sings songs and such. Marissa loves that little pooch though.