Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review: Kellie's Book

Kellie's Book
If I had a coffee table in the living room, this would be one of the books on it. But until the kids are grown up, books like this will sit high on a shelf to save them from being torn or used as a coloring book.

The book is colorful and well done. Kellie's writing style is simple yet profoundly honest in portraying how family, love, passions and interests, a sense of accomplishment, and acceptance are truly important in life, at least for Kellie Greenwald and for many people, including myself. All the drawings are her own. Kellie was born in 1978. She also wrote about how hard she worked on this book. I believe her! From what I've learned from my sister-in-law's experience, getting published isn't a leisurely stroll in the park. There are many details to consider: layout, storyline, artwork, and so on.

This is the third book that I have found that is authored by an individual with Down syndrome. The other two are "I Just Am" by Tom Lambke and Bryan Lambke and "Count Us In: Growing Up With Down Syndrome" by Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz, which I am still currently reading.

A keepsake. A statement. A wonderful effort for advocating abilities of people with Down syndrome. The book also includes several photos of Kellie with family and friends as well as a mini biography about Kellie.

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Looking Up said...

Looks like something worth adding to my book collection. Thanks for the tip.